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[MP soap]

How to Make gemstone soap naturally captivating ?
What it consists of 6 important knowledge base

In recent years 
The evolution of handmade soap has risen to another new level
The gorgeous birth of soap in various designs
Create more beautiful works on the basis of practicality

Gemsoap is a visual feast of handmade soaps, handcrafted soap is the direction of development in recent years. Enhancing the aesthetics of your work has been the current trend.

Gemsoap overturns the traditional impression of soap-based (MP soap). MP Soap has been given a new lease of life through color mixing, cutting and packaging. The most ordinary soap is turned into the most sparkling jewelry.

Upon completion of the Jewelry Soap Professional Course
You can customize the MP soap formula yourself and create a variety of gemstone soaps.
And add diversity for your soap work
This course will teach participants how to perfectly handle Melt and Pour (MP) soap.
Also how to make Jewelry soap

"The key factors to break down the process of making gemstone soap, you'll be able to make it crystal clear."

Hi! I'm Yuna, the founder of Yunasop. We hope to provide everyone interested in learning handicraft skills with the most advanced techniques, enabling them to create their own therapeutic lifestyle.

Course Content:

Day1 Fundamental Theory
Soap Basics
MP Soap Introduction
Demonstration of making clear MP soap
Pigment Description for Jewelry Soap
Bath Salt Making
QQ Soap Making

Day2 Jewelry Soap Making + Advanced Theory
Raw Ore
Crystal Cluster

This course will cover a diverse range of knowledge within the MP soap system, including the characteristics of jewelry soap materials, coloring methods, cutting logic, and an in-depth exploration of various techniques to achieve transparent jewelry soaps. Through a comprehensive and systematic teaching process, you will be able to create a myriad of shapes resembling gemstones, allowing you to craft unique pieces with your distinct style.

IG: yunasop_ 
IG: yunasop_jewelry

Yuna 小皂室主理人
2020.8 至今已培訓珠寶寶石皂專業課程超過 180位學員結業,遍佈於台灣、香港、新加坡、澳門、吉隆坡倫敦、舊金山與加拿大。[2024.05]

Student's work

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全日課 共兩日
09:30-17:30 (午休一小時,依進度下課)

-Available to all with or without soapmaking experience.
-Interested in handicrafts
-Love handmade soaps
-For those who want to start a business
-Dreaming of becoming a freelancer
-Those who want to develop their hobby into a career
-Want to be an aesthetician
-Lovers of gemstones and minerals
-Those who need to heal their hearts
-Those who want to combine art and aroma industry (florist, perfumer, aromatherapist...)

製做寶石皂的主要工具很常見且容易取得 (多為一次性模具、刀具跟加熱器等等…) 學員可自行採購或於課堂上詢問老師。




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