So your dream list was already written.

Open your notebook.
There's a page with a clear list of your dream projects.

You probably wrote 50 dreams.
But none of them have been realized so far.

You know why?

It's not because you're dreaming.
It's that you may have misunderstood the dream list.

Instead of creating a dream list
It's better to write down a list of competencies.

The only way to realize your dream is to be able to realize it.
Do the competency checklist first
Enhancement of competence in the same way
Re-do the goal list
Continue to the next goal after completing each one
And finally, the dream list.
Enjoy the experience one piece at a time
This is the real life.

-Start saving now $2000 per month (it may take some time to learn new skills).
-How much money is allocated each month to study OOO?
-Completion of learning OOO
-Obtain OOO certification (depending on the status of each industry)
-Learn Community Marketing
-Create a fan page or IG account.
-Set up a platform website (depends on the requirements)
-Start taking orders
-This month's turnover should reach $XXX/next month's turnover should reach $XXX.
-XXX things you should do to increase your turnover.
-Enhancement of OOO
-Buy a studio in a few years.

So it's not like you're writing 50 big dreams at once.
Instead, they're trying to accomplish one thing at a time.
And these goals need to be sorted.

Inside the Dream List
Very few people write about what they should be able to do.
Mostly about the end result or enjoyment of life.
For example: developing a side business, traveling to Dubai.
Before you realize your dreams.
Think about what should be accomplished first
Talking about dreams is a luxury.

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