Utilizing the power of your invisibility skills

Make it a habit to think every day
It's as natural as my need to breathe every day.

Thinking and analyzing is about discovering why
The only way to do this is by thinking.
It is your "feelings" that can be internalized into knowledge or skills.

What do you consider a skill?

Organizing a studio is a skill.
Keeping your Email inbox unexploded is a skill.
Handling customer issues quickly is a skill
It is a skill to make a pot of tea that is not astringent.
Memorizing customer preferences is a skill.
Knowing how to read faces is a skill.

These invisible skills
Maybe it's insignificant.
But these little skills can help you score some career points!
Think of it as a compound interest concept.

It's like a small, insignificant deposit.
With the passage of time
Gradually increase your savings with interest.
One day.
It would be a significant amount.

think about it
What are your invisibility skills?
Can you share this with Yuna?
I want to learn in secret, too.


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