What You Should Know Before Selling Handmade Soap

A few days ago, I wrote an article on "The Three Stages of Starting a Handmade Business".

How to turn your handiwork into merchandise.
Today, let's talk about how handmade soap can be packaged.
That's when you started your handmade soap business.
Try "marketing" to friends and family.
Let others know what products and services you have to offer.
(i) Household goods: goods with a functional nature of cleaning
►Handmade soap retail:
[Offline] Consignment and Marketplace
[On-line] Group Buying, Shrimp Skin, Various Platforms
►Bathing Options for B&B
(ii) Gifts: Products derived from various occasions, events, and rituals.
►Wedding Favors
►Midwinter Ceremony
►Birthday Gift
►Customized gifts for merchants and events
►New Year's Gift Box (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Teacher's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day...)
►Graduation Season
(iii) Souvenirs: merchandise of special significance
►Breastmilk Soap
►Alumni Memorabilia
(iv) Artwork: collectible design items
►YUNA has designed accessories for MINI.
Become a part of the car enthusiast's collection in the cabinet.
►Gemstone Soap
(v) Other: as carriers of energy or as by-products of other commodities
►Aromatherapist's Essential Oil Handmade Soap
►Florist's Petal Handmade Soap
Soap is soap.
If it's just for washing.
It doesn't matter if I buy from you or her.
(If the soapmaker's ability and the quality of the materials used are equal)
Goods need to be packaged with care.
Consumers sometimes buy the value you provide.
Not the item itself.
This "value" needs to be shaped by you.
When the consumer believes that the value of the goods is higher or equal to his expectations.
He will be willing to pay the price.
Sometimes practicality isn't the selling point.
It's like an expensive boutique or a multi-million dollar supercar.
Do people really buy it because it's practical?
They are buying a sense of "honor" value.
the reason why
How can I sell handmade soap?
You're going to sell it as a skin cleaning product.
Or sell it as a gift.
Depends on the brand image you want to portray
Though they don't conflict with each other.
However, through product packaging and artwork design
Gradually, your brand will become more distinctive.
Handmade soap is regulated by the Cosmetic Hygiene Regulation in Taiwan.
Registration is required for the sale of legally manufactured soap.
(Business Registration, Tax Registration, Exempted Factory Registration)

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