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Premium socializing, unique gifts

Clarifying Marine Gemstone Soap

We will protect the beautiful sea together. 

➀ Mineral Color 

Through the light of colors, different spiritual lights are lit up, illuminating expectations and hopes on the road ahead.

➁ Ultimate Craftsmanship

Each gemstone soap has more than 15 cutting angles by the designer's hand, and through the extreme Art Coating technology, the piece can shine in your hand.

➂ Natural ingredients

A large amount of local Taiwanese mineral powder is used to create a natural mineral and gemstone feel, giving the soap a sparkling mineral luster.

➃ Unique Fragrance

The scent is made by an independent perfumer and has a Yunasop fragrance identity, an original and unique elegance.

Glycerin soap base, cosmetic grade color, cosmetic grade mica powder, essential oils

60mmx50mmx30mm (+-10mm)

70g (+-5g)

Highland Lavender / Mont Blanc Lavender / Sweet Orange / Sandalwood / Zero Lime Bean 

Packaging (Carrying Bag Required) ▼

⚠️ Thoughtful reminders:

➊ Each Gemstone Soap is handmade, the shape or color may vary a little, the appearance of the picture is for reference only. 
➋ Although there is a film on the surface of the jeweler's soap, the collection should still be placed in a closed space to avoid shrinkage, avoid direct sunlight that may cause fading of the color, and avoid the use of fingernails to avoid deformation by pressing.
➌ Gemstone Soap can be used for skin cleansing, before use, please apply to the hands of the local test, if you feel uncomfortable, please stop using.
➍ Please choose the number of branded carry bags according to your needs.

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