[Illustration Series] Legend of the Blue Ocean


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[CP soap]"Soap Tips."

-Small Soap Room-

In an alley full of people.
The large floor-to-ceiling windows appear out of nowhere.
The regular introduction of the sunny gaze of the pedestrians on the street.

The soft tones of the space are mesmerizing.
Occasionally dazzling gold
It secretly speaks of its own temperament.
A story in the corner.
It's a crystallization of the heart and the mind.

In this sparkling river of time.
Looking forward to each shining soul
Together we make a mesmerizing melody.

Illustrations full of artistic context

Workshop Outline
(1) Introduction of handmade soap process and practice of the soap-making process
⑵ Introduction and application of handmade soap colouring materials 

Course Finished:
Situational Soap 9

Yunasop teachers' group

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