Liquid Soap Introductory Course


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➋ Program Hours: 4 hours

"Saponification System"[Getting Started]

-Small Soap Room-

In an alley full of people.
The large floor-to-ceiling windows appear out of nowhere.
The regular introduction of the sunny gaze of the pedestrians on the street.

The soft tones of the space are mesmerizing.
Occasionally dazzling gold
It secretly speaks of its own temperament.
A story in the corner.
It's a crystallization of the heart and the mind.

In this sparkling river of time.
Looking forward to each shining soul
Together we make a mesmerizing melody.

Liquid Soap Introductory Course
Learning from 0 to 1Full soaping standard process

"Make your handmade liquid soap a poetic addition to your life."

I'm Yuna, the founder of Yunasop Soap Room! I'm Yuna, the founder of Yunasop's Little Soap Room, and we want to make it possible for anyone who wants to learn handmade techniques to learn state-of-the-art techniques and create a healing life of their own. 

You can make it yourself at home
Good looking and great liquid handmade soap

Are you interested in bath products and creative handmade soaps? Yuna of Little Soap Room is a teacher who loves translucent and visual soaps, and her eye-catching clear gemstone soaps are something she has been teaching for many years, and we will be offering a clear liquid soap class in 2024, where we will immerse our students in the mesmerizing world of liquid soaps!

Ultra Transparent Magic

Learn how to make liquid hand soap that is so clear and transparent that the stunning transparency will become a skill you can be proud of and be self-sufficient in!

Freeing the Free Soul

Learn to dilute liquid soap and add your favorite ingredients to create your own scent, turning cleaning into a delightful aromatherapy journey!

Personalized Creation

After mastering the fundamentals of soap making, you will have the opportunity to be creative and create your own unique liquid soap to suit your personal preferences.

Teach you to choose the most essential ingredients

The most economical way to make a soap that the whole family can use and love!

Finish your work with elegance

Soaping is supposed to be elegant, so let soaping become a slow job and enjoy your own leisure time!

Liquid Soap Tips

Liquid soap is not made to be liquid, it is a soft soap that is first made from "soap seed" and then melted into liquid in water.

Once the soap is ready, it can be made into face mousse, dishwashing detergent, and body wash according to your needs.

In order tothickening,High Clarity,Natural Wash Feel
We've done at least 200 experiments.
The complete recipe is given to you at once!

Practical Course Content

Course Hours: 4 hours

Course Content: Theory + Production Methods

►Two ways to make "Liquid Soaps 
(with and without solvent)
►The Key to Liquid Soap Transparency
►Liquid Soap Blend
►Thickening of liquid soap
►Other Applications of Liquid Soap
►Liquid Soap Recipe Calculation


►Liquid Soap Dough ×2
►Concentrated Liquid Soap × 1
►Gel Liquid Soap × 1
►Milk Cream Liquid Soap × 1 

Matching containers with different formulas are available
Cleansing mousse, hand lotion, body wash, dishwashing detergent and more...

You might want to know

The syllabus of both courses is the same, so please choose the course according to your needs. For students of physical courses, you can enjoy additional discounts for purchasing online courses.

1. Love beautiful things and create them with your hands. 
2. Those who want to learn handmade soap but don't know where to start.
3. Love the scent of natural essential oils.
4. Eager to learn soap making skills, especially ultra-clear liquid handmade soap
5. Willing to make new friends to communicate and learn together.

The tools or ingredients needed for the course can be easily purchased from material houses in the market, or you can just buy the Little Soap Room kit.

The most effective and best way to review is to immediately put what you've learned into practice after class. During the class, the teacher will provide access to key recordings and allow ample time for note-taking. Once at home, you can watch the videos repeatedly for unlimited practice. If you have any questions, feel free to send a question to us at any time.

Some of the course works cannot be brought back on the same day, we will notify you for pick-up or home delivery, please fill in the correct address when registering on the checkout page.

★Post-enrollment regulations ⚠️ (physical course)

➊ Minority Enrollment
The contract will be established after the payment of the registration fee, and the place will be reserved for you and cannot be refunded, and make-up courses will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and will be held atTwo weeks' noticeThe
➋ No notice will be given
Please be sure to arrive at the classroom on time. To avoid disrupting the progress of other students, please be sure to arrive at the classroom on time.30 minutes late.The above is considered to be a cancellation of the course and no make-ups will be allowed.
➌ Students only
Lecturer's ClubIndicates a specific process for student recordingFor home practice, "full" recording is strictly prohibited.

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