Powerful Degreasing Household Soap


Suitable for washing hands, laundry, pots and pans, and baby food containers.
(Natural, no additives, no worries about residue)

Steps for Dishwashing 
➊ The right way to wash dishes, it's best to rinse off the grease from the scraps on the dishes first before you start to wash them with household soap bubbles.
➋ After wetting both the dishcloth and the household soap, rub them together a few times to create bubbles.
➌ Start washing the dishes!
➍ In the middle, if the bubbles taper off, scrub the household soap once more.

Main Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Water
Weight: 100g/pellet

Points of Attention
➊ Handmade soap is a bath product, not a maintenance product or medicine, do not over-clean!
➋ The product image is for reference only.

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