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-Small Soap Room-

In an alley full of people.
The large floor-to-ceiling windows appear out of nowhere.
The regular introduction of the sunny gaze of the pedestrians on the street.

The soft tones of the space are mesmerizing.
Occasionally dazzling gold
It secretly speaks of its own temperament.
A story in the corner.
It's a crystallization of the heart and the mind.

In this sparkling river of time.
Looking forward to each shining soul
Together we make a mesmerizing melody.

Art Industry New Favorite - Knifeflower

Scraper flower is like doing three-dimensional oil painting, suitable for creators who want to have their own personal style to learn, not an easy to copy the skills, through long-term practice and observation of flowers, shaping their own aesthetic ability, scraper flower candle wax cream does not need to repeatedly melt the wax material, can be a one-time preparation, at any time to scrape a few petals can also be reused.

Origin of the Scraper Flower

Scraper flowers originated from Russian sculpture paintings, which are semi-dimensional relief paintings, where the artist uses an oil painting knife to mix various colors of sculpture paste, and then scrapes them into petals and leaves, assembling them into a painting. Such a technique has been applied to various materials since then, and it has produced a rich variety of variations in different fields, such as: food decorations (buttercream frosting, bean paste), art education, and relief decorations (plaster, candles, resin, and clay).

Course Schedule

Cube candle:

Provides wax cream recipes and instructions for preparing candle bodies spatula grip and scraping techniques.
Learning Flower Types: Silver Lotus, Chamomile, Passionflower, Fritillaria, Leaves

Rose cake candles:

Learning flower types: side roses, rosebuds, hydrangea, foliage, random small flowers

Peony cake candle:

Learning Flower Types: Paeonia (bud, half-bloom, full-bloom, side), Lupine, Leaves

IG: yunasop_kinfeflower

Yuna, Soap Room Manager 
2022.4 To date 55 students have been trained and graduated from the Floral Candle Scraper Flower Certificate Program. [2024.5]

Student's work

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Full Day Classes
Daily 9:30-18:00 (according to schedule)

-Open to all with or without experience
-Interested in handicrafts
-Favorite oil paintings, sculptures and drawings
-Dreaming of becoming a freelancer
-Those who want to develop their hobby into a career
-Want to be an aesthetician
-Likes floral art, flowers
-Those who need to heal their hearts
-Those who want to combine art and aromatherapy (florists, sculptors, painters, healers...).

The main tools for making candles are common and easy to obtain (molds, wax, paint knives, heaters, etc...) Students can purchase their own or ask the teacher in class.

The most efficient and best way to do revision is to do it immediately after class.Open up the highlights and allow plenty of time for note-taking.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them by private message in the Soap Room.

This course is in collaboration with the Korean Association and students are required to complete all the designated works (Level 1+Level 2) of the course in order to obtain the certificate of completion.

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