Ultra Clean Blue Zingiber Soap


1. Conditioning, soothing skin problems, strengthen the skin resistance.
2. Restore the skin's healthy, fresh color.

Qingdai powder is a Chinese herb commonly used as a formula for skin problems. 
It is good for skin care and skin cell regeneration.

Five carefully selected oils to enhance the health of your skin.

►Coconut Oil : Provides cleansing power and high foaming power.
►Palm Oil : Mild to skin, improves soap resistance.
►Milk Shea : The classic oil for moisturizing.
►Rice Bran Oil : Rich in Vitamin E. Repair rough skin.
►Olive Oil : The perfect oil to relieve dry skin.

Scent: The aroma of the essential oils used is fresh and oceanic.
Weight: 100g/pellet
Suitable: Dry skin

Points of Attention
➊ Handmade soap is a bath product, not a maintenance product or medicine, do not over-clean!
➋ The product image is for reference only.

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