My Journey as a Lecturer

Everyone is born with the ability to learn.
But in a different way.
The efficiency and results will be very different.
You can take the knowledge or skills you've learned to
Express it through your own understanding
"Teach others to understand."
That means you're really going.
It's a sure way to train yourself to be a lecturer.
You don't become a lecturer by being trained by someone else.
It's all about the desire to be more aware of what's going on.
And how demanding the ego is
Before you get to the podium.
Repeatedly and repeatedly exporting your existing knowledge.
That is, find someone to tell him.
If in the process of explaining
You realize you can't speak clearly, you can't say what you mean.
It means you're clogging up this part of your knowledge.
You think you know.
It's not really that clear.
the next step
You'd do it to make it clear to someone else.
Just force yourself to take the initiative and find out the answer
Read more
Try everything.
Finally, I've figured it out.
The so-called search for answers
You don't just go to the teacher and ask for an answer.
Instead, we'll start by expanding your readings.
Seek answers from references
Only by going through this process
You'll be able to understand and integrate it.
The specific steps are:
Take the saponification of soap as an example.
Take a piece of white paper.
Write down the saponification equation.
Conceptualize each term specifically.
Explain a saponification reaction in your own words.
Let others understand.
③Extended Reading
When you are confused about a concept
Find related topics (books) to read
Further Understanding and Extension of Knowledge
④Popular expression
Use easy-to-understand terminology
To put it in layman's terms
The process of teaching others
Ostensibly the output of knowledge
It's actually a process of reinforcing memory and knowledge.
So normally.
The more experience a tutor has in teaching
The stronger the teaching ability
Every time I teach it, it reinforces my knowledge.
Every time I teach, I realize what I need to do.
On the other hand.
If you don't get stronger.
It means that there is some misunderstanding in the logic of your underlying knowledge.
Then it may be time to re-examine your perceptions and concepts.
as they say...
Opportunity comes to those who are ready.
The daily training of the self is a kind of preparation

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