What's your style as a writer?

What's your reason for being a writer?

The reason why most of the master craftsmen started crafting.
Mostly because I like it.
Or because I'm good at it.
I believe that most people
It's all "never thought about the reason".
I didn't realize I was on this road.

If you want to continue to do this for a living.
You have to see where you're coming from.
Maintaining Creative Motivation
Then get your ideas shared and recognized by your fans.
It's the only way to get long-term support.

Your origin is your mission.
Make this task clear
You'll know more and more what your role is.
To build self-styling

▎What makes Yuna a handmade soap instructor?

In the field of handmade soap
Most people choose to sell the finished product
Carefully researched formulas and fragrances
Promoting natural and pure handmade soaps
It's a very beautiful thing.

But I got into the handmade soap scene for a reason.
It's about "making yourself financially independent."
When I went to live in China with my husband
I chose to give up my job in Taiwan
Became a housewife
Took a whole year off.

But as a member of a new family.
All I can do is not just "live together."
It's an individual who can stand on his own two feet.
After a lot of exploring, trying, researching and learning
It was only then that I decided to embark on the path of handicraft entrepreneurship.
Experiencing the uneasiness of being a foreigner
and the difficulties and bottlenecks faced on the road to entrepreneurship.

As a writer
I want to promote more than just physical handmade soap.
Instead, it's more about sharing experiences
Even though I'm still walking hard in this direction.
I'd like to do something for those of you who have common needs.
This origin is my mission to myself.

Therefore, the so-called style does not only refer to the work itself.
The personal story of the craftsman, the expression of his thoughts, the visualization, etc. are all part of the brand's style.

Everyone is unique in this world.
There will never be another you like you.

Bringing out your own personality is the first step in creating your own style!

[2020.3.18] Yunasop Small Soap Room Pink Specialty

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