Can Handmade Soap Improve Skin Condition?

If your skin is in bad shape, seek treatment from a dermatologist first. He may recommend washing your face and bathing with water and applying or taking medication, as your skin barrier is already compromised and it is not suitable for over-cleansing and moisturizing, but no matter whether you take medication or rub it in, it is a symptomatic rather than a curative measure.
Handmade cold process soap is a premium cleansing product that contains no artificial additives. Compared to petrochemical surfactants, it is a non-polluting and non-taxing choice for the environment and skin.
It contains a variety of high quality plant oils, essential oils and other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin and emotions, but it is not a pharmaceutical product to treat skin problems.
Lifestyle and diet are even more important when it comes to getting better skin.
So handmade soap is like a healthy diet, a good formula can slowly restore the skin to normal metabolism, a good diet can also make you feel better.
The so-called improved results are achieved by discontinuing the use of other products with complex ingredients while using handmade cold soaps, using safe skincare products to reduce irritation, and pairing them withGood Skin Care HabitsIn winter, for example, it is important to apply a moisturizing lotion so that you can feel it.
You need to understand, all the quick results, instant results, are not natural, there are hidden problems, and even to pay the price, even if there are a lot of customers who love to use customer feedback, handmade soap to make her skin better, it is also continued to use for more than three months to see the difference, after all, the skin cells have their metabolic cycle.
Yuna can guarantee that the ingredients are pure and safe and non-toxic because my family uses the same products as yours, but there is no guarantee that you will become Lin Chi-Ling after washing them.
Everyone has different age, skin texture, expectations and preferences, so the feeling of using the product will be different, and what feels comfortable is what is right for you.
If you've ever asked Yuna what soap to use for xxxxx skin problems, I recommend a soap that is gentle and contains botanical formulas that are good for the skin, but that doesn't mean it has medicinal properties.

Why is cleanliness important?

Promote "metabolism": Because the lower cells of the epidermis will continue to push upward and eventually become the outermost layer of the stratum corneum, if you do not remove the old upper cells, the epidermis will be thickened, resulting in sebaceous glands and sweat glands blocked, resulting in acne.
Promote "new cell turnover": the upper layer of cells continue to accumulate, the lower layer of cells can not regenerate, there is no organized stratum corneum, the skin looks rough, dull.
So if you don't clean properly, it's futile to apply more expensive and better moisturizers.

But I heard that it's better to use weak acidic products for my skin?

Although the natural pH of the skin's surface is weakly acidic, there is insufficient evidence that the alkalinity of soaps harms the skin, and that soaps harm the skin primarily from improper use, not from alkalinity.Excessive cleansing can damage the skin (sebaceous membranes).Soap is not the only thing that happens, synthetic cleaners do too, if not more so.
Regardless of the pH value of the products used, healthy human skin will automatically adjust to the original pH value, if the advertisements make a lot of noise about weak or neutral products being the best for the skin, fewer and fewer people should have skin problems.

Can you recommend a moisturizing hand soap for dry and itchy skin during the season?

There are hundreds of handmade soap formulas, and they are generally categorized according to skin type: dry, neutral, oily or sensitive.
Dry skin soap with a weaker cleaning power and moisturizing oils, not dry and tight after washing, which contains a strong coating of oil formulations, after using the skin can feel a little bit like rubbing a lotion coverage, unless your skin condition that this is enough, you can skip the moisturizing step, but it is still equipped with a cleaning function, so it can not completely replace the function of the moisturizing lotion.
In any case, it depends on your situation.
Simply put:
Effective and proper cleansing is the first step in your daily regimen.
②Moisturizing, hydrating, and moisturizing are super important.
③ Seek a dermatologist first if you have a serious skin problem.
④View the skin products you use.
⑤ Please pursue a positive cycle of improvement by treating the symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem.

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