Handmade Business Startup Checklist

Early stage of craftsmen's business
To set a list of daily must-dos
Remind yourself to go all the way.
➊Works Exercise
It's your core value.
No good works
Even the strongest marketing tactics will be recognized one day.
In the case of handmade soap
Even if you can't make a bar of soap every day.
Check out the relevant information as well
➋ Exposure Exercise
Learn to write something.
It's good to share your feelings.
Developing Professional Competence
Let yourself be seen.
Reading Habits
Check the blog regularly for book lists!
read a book
Or browse valuable web articles
This is your inspiration.
You can read one a day.
➍ Managing Customer Relationships
Think about which customers have orders that need to be tracked every day.
Or have you answered any of your clients' questions?
Those who have a fan page
Respond to your customers' private messages or comments.
Question Collection
That is, take notes.
After all the things I do every day.
I'm sure there's a lot of thoughts and questions in my head.
Write it all down.
Talk to someone or get answers when you have the chance.
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