Have a full table of tools to clean after making soap?3 steps to teach you to quickly clean your soaping tools!

Generalist approach

Leave the soap-soaked tools for 2-3 days until the soap has become soap, then start brushing. By this time, the soap has become hard, and even after three to five minutes of brushing a pot, it is still not possible to key out the soap.
①Pots and tools occupy the sink for days.
②Cleaning is physically demanding and time consuming.
Soak the soap in hot water so that it melts away easily.

Advanced Methods

Use it right after you make soap.Wet clothmaybeKitchen TowelWipe the soap off the tool, repeat the process several times, and finally wipe with a dry cloth.
Suitable for the teaching fieldThe first step in the process is to make sure that the tools are cleaned up quickly without having to wait in shifts for the wash area.
②For those who have been using soap for a long time, use theTissue paperWipe up the soap residue and discard it directly to solve the problem of clogged plumbing with unsaponified grease.
① Wipe the wet rag at least two times to remove all the soap from the tool, still need to wash the rag back and forth several times.
②If you don't wash the wet rags at the moment, you need to prepare a lot of rags, and the soap-soaked rags usually accumulate a certain amount before they are washed at one time.
③It takes a lot of paper to use kitchen towels or toilet paper.

Yuna's method for making soap alone

Three Steps:
(1) After soaping, gather all tools together in the sink and rinse while wiping off soap with a damp rag.
(2) Wring out a dry, damp rag and wipe off any water spots from all tools.
(3) Dry all tools with a large lint-free dry rag.
①One wet and one dry cloth.
②No need to wash rags or paper towels over and over again.
No need to accumulate a pile of dirty rags.
④Rinse directly under the faucet without spending too much time on soaping.
The first step is not suitable for teaching sites with a large number of students.
②There may be concerns about grease clogging the water pipes.

Soap lovers have shared that the residual soap and oil water flow into the water pipe, long-term clogging of the water pipe, if you are worried about this situation, it is recommended to use kitchen paper towels or toilet paper to wipe off the soap, and dispose of it directly to the trash can.
Regardless of which method you use, you can adjust it as you go along and find what works for you to play soap more efficiently.
Note: The rags choose to wipe the car with a cloth, soap to clean up after spraying alcohol, and use a dry cloth to wipe, it will not be oily.
[Note] After using this method, most of the students find it more convenient than washing.
Note: The key point is to wipe off the residual soap first, and then wash or wipe it, it is better to deal with.

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