⟪The Dietary Healing Bible⟫ How Not to Die of Heart Disease [Readers' Notes]

Book Name:⟪The Healing Bible⟫
By Dr. Michael Greger, MD/Gene Stone

This book is divided into Part1 and Part2.
Part I has 15 chapters.
A brief introduction to various chronic diseases and how to prevent them.
Part II has 13 chapters.
I'll teach you what to eat today. How to eat?
Science has shown that for most major causes of death, the genetic risk often only accounts for 10~20%, between different ethnic groups around the world, the incidence of high and low there is a hundred-fold difference, mainly related to the dietary habits of each place! Identical twins separated at birth will develop different diseases because of their different lifestyles.
Atherosclerotic plaque is a fatty deposit in the walls of your arteries. This plaque is caused by a buildup of #, a cholesterol-rich viscous substance, in your blood vessels, which narrows the pathway for blood flow and can later lead to angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, a fatal condition.
② According to data, the very low incidence of heart disease in rural areas of China and Africa is attributed to the very low cholesterol levels in the bodies of the inhabitants, who eat mainly plant foods and consume very little animal fats.
The origin of heart disease can be traced back to the prenatal period. If the mother's LDL cholesterol is high, the fetus is likely to have atherosclerosis. If the mother has high LDL cholesterol, the fetus is likely to have atherosclerosis, and the hardening of the coronary arteries is likely to have occurred years or decades before the onset of clinical symptoms, but you just don't know it.
④To effectively lower bad cholesterol (LDL), you need to drastically reduce your intake of three things:
➊ Trans fats: processed foods, natural meat and dairy products
➋ Saturated Fats: Animal Foods and Junk Foods
➌ Dietary cholesterol: Animal foods, especially eggs.
⑤ The optimal LDL cholesterol value is 50-70 mg/dL, total cholesterol should be less than 150, and the ratio of total cholesterol (TC) to high-density cholesterol (HDL) should be less than 5.
(vi) There are only two ways to try to lower LDL:
➊Drug control: (Statins) Statin-like
➋ Change your diet.
However, the side effects of the medication may put you at risk for other conditions, such as damage to the liver, muscles, or brain, and increase your risk for diabetes or breast cancer.
(7) Experimental results have shown that in patients with advanced heart disease, after adopting a healthy diet and stopping an artery-clogging diet, the body has the ability to break down some of the plaque that has been deposited: under the right conditions, the body has the ability to heal itself.

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